Visual Sitemap

How to Override the Markup (Custom Theming)

You may override the default templates by creating your own overrides directory. So if wanted to refactor html.twig then first copy it to YOUR_THEME_DIR/html.twig and then modify as desired.

For user styles, add a file called style.css to the same directory and it will be included in the sitemap.

For these themes to be discovered you must pass the --theme=/PATH/TO/DIRECTORY parameter, e.g.

. /vendor/bin/vismap website.json --theme=templates

In the above example you will have a directory structure something like the following, and you have installed Visual Sitemap at the project level. website.json is your config file. You have created your own theme and styles in templates.

├── templates
│   ├── html.twig
│   └── style.css
├── vendor
│   └── bin
│       └── vismap
└── website.json

Quick Alternative: Branding Color

To differentiate between site maps, instead of custom theming, just include a branding_color in the JSON definition. This alters the color of the top bar and is faster than setting up a new theme.

    "title": "Grassy Hills Archery Club",
    "branding_color": "#65FC72",